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Water Heater

Glasslined Storage Water heater - PX 15 GV

  • Designed for high rise buildings and pressure pump applications
  • Unique Quadra Plus technology that allows:
    Big energy savings with its 3 stage dynamic heating technology – 800W for summer, 1200W
    for spring & 2000W for winter
  • External temperature dial indicates right bath water temperature
  • External thermostat for right temperature selection
  • Special protection device (magnesium anode) protects element from harmful salts & gives longer life
  • 2 year product guarantee and 5 year inner water heater tank guarantee
  • High efficiency long life heating element
  • Multiple safety system
  • Special insulation saves 30% energy savings over standard ISI norms
  • Rated pressure 0.75Mpa
  • Hot water temperature limit 75 degrees Celsius
  • Fire retardant cable with 3 pin plug
  • Available in 15, 25, 35,50, 80 & 100 litres capacity
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